BREAKING NEWS: Famous Pimp Good Game Indicted By The Feds Today….Read The Indictment!!

Calvin Winbush aka Good Game

BREAKING NEWS: Famous Pimp Good Game Indicted By The Feds Today….Read The Indictment!!

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Today Calvin Winbush made his first appearance before a Federal Judge to answer the charge of “transporting a minor across state” better known as the Mann Act the indictment is currently sealed. Calvin Winbush is better known in the pimp world as the famous Pimp Good Game the right hand to Magic Don Juan. It was only almost month ago he was arrested with three prostitute in Virginia in a motel room.

Calvin Winbush aka Good Game

I have got a great deal of  phone calls asking that I take it easy on Good Game as well a lot of Pimps who seek to speak off the record who is in support of Good Game, but at know point in time no one express any concern for the child who is at the center of the case. I have always ask the question what if it was your child or a family member, how would you feel and the answer I always get as an excuse is that “She lied about her age to Good Game” well I say this the law is very clear and a child cannot give consent and it’s the adults job to make better choice and judgement, pointing the finger at the child to accept responsibility for the adult is not going to fly in the eye of the law.

Good Game is 43 years old an been pimp for over 10 years now and as we all know the Chuuuuch which Magic Don Juan is the head and a great deal of Pimps are members has major problems. It’s easy for one to say Good Game was set or cry conspiracy NO there is none of those issue in this case. Good Game was arrested in a hotel room with a 15 year old runaway. Now that Fed’s has this case here is the questions needs to be answered.
1) How long this has been going on?
2) How many victims were they?
3) Who knew what or should have known?
4) Where did money go?
Now these four question are going to be asked, so don’t be shocked or surprise when the indictment is unseal and your name is on that list don’t act perplex. The Chuuuurch Don Juan, the Players Ball, Players membership card etc…well look’s like a criminal enterprise to me and we all know what happen to the mob.
A pattern of illegal activity carried out as part of an enterprise that is owned or controlled by those who are engaged in the illegal activity. The latter definition derives from the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO), a set of laws (18 U.S.C.A. § 1961 et seq. [1970]) specifically designed to punish racketeering by business enterprises.
Debbie the Glass Lady is currently using her Facebook fan page to get donations for Good Game with this post “All my real peeps show sum luv and get at me (Send donations/money orders only to: Calvin Winbush at New Kent Highway Barhamsbille Virginia,23011)” and Good Game himself is trying to raise money “Set A Player Free” well maybe Good Game has not realize yet that he is no longer in the Virginia State court. The charge which he stand accuse of is not a walk in the park if convicted the max is life and the min is 10 years, the Games ends with the Feds.
If you seek to help Good Game fight the Feds hey it’s your money, but I would give you this caveat before you send him a dime, make sure you can account for where your money came from you better have a #SQUARE job, and if you’ve already sent him money oh well too late. And by the way if you’ve been PIMPING for over 10 years what did he do with all that money? Humm makes you wonder….Good Game sure more like Bad Game.
So to all you Pimps who was so will to join hands with the Chuuuurch and to all you prostitute who knew better but paid anyways and turn a blind eye and fail to help a child well you have problems as well because the investigation is still on going so expect more indictments to come.
NOTE: Good Game has two count of Pandering in Virginia State court which he has a $50,000 bond, but no bond in the federal case.  So looks like he will be fight two cases State and Federal…..
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  1. veteran pimp says:

    I commented to this type of **** before Now Im back. Number 1 NO!! you shouldn’t take it easy on this so called Pimp.I say this because he and the crew that he hang with are one of the main reasons that the game is all fucked up right now.The chickens have come home to roost,these busters got on T.V. years ago and just about exposed every part of the game to the feds like they was untouchable like they was really having it.Now big pimpin on the internet askin for donations Guess the so called TV pimps aint so big after all. All these niggas did was make it hard for a nigga like me that really got rich from the pimpin to survive.really all Bishop magic Juan and his crew did was expose a real secert organization to all the law enforcement agencies in the United States,Now look what its gettin them and everybody else.I,ve got 30 years in this shit and never have i seen so many so called pimps gettin 20 years because of what they think they no how to do from watching these niggas on TV! Tell BIG BISHOP,JU JU,KING DAVE,KENNY IVY,SCORPIO,WHITE FOLKS(HA HA A WHITE PIMP)NOW THATS REALLY FUNNY!!!,JO JO,and all the rest of the Niggas from the midwest that this game is to be sold(to hoes) not told!!and if they really gettin it get it up and get your nigga out of jail thats whats real.

  2. veteran pimp says:

    No disrespect young brother but im a real one.This p is suppose to be a secret organization just like the masons you no its there but you dont have a clue how they accomplish their feats.If you read my comment, it says the game is to be sold not told.I wouldnt even think about involving you in this game if you werent born in it the stakes are to high right now.the feds are burying pimps where fifteen years ago pimpin was a slap on the my advice to you is to keep doin what you doin right now and hopefully be successful at it whatever it is.AND MOST OF ALL DONT LISTEN TO THESE NIGGAS THAT BE ON TV TRYIN TO GLORIFY THEIR PIMPIN CAUSE A REAL ONE THATS REALLY RICH DONT WANT NOBODY TO NO ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS AND FURTHER MORE THEY WUOLD NEVER SELL OUT FOR A TROPHY AT A SO CALLED PIMPS BALL THE REAL PIMPS THAT ARE REALLY RICH DONT ATTEND THESE KIND OF EVENTS BECAUSE THEY ARE SMART ENOUGH TO NO THAT THIS IS DETREMENTAL TO THEIR PIMPIN!!! OUR TROPHYS ARE MANSIONS AND PHANTOMS THAT HOES PAY FOR CASH WE DONT HAVE CAR NOTES AND WE ARE SMART ENOUGH TO FILE OUR TAXES SO THAT WHEN THE LOCAL AGENCIES COME AT US THE FEDS TELL THEM BACK UP BECAUSE WE ALREADY GETTIN OUR CUT FROM THIS PIMP THATS WHAT YOU CALL UNTOUCHABLE!!!!!!

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