BREAKING NEWS: “Ivory P” Arrested On Pimping And Kidnapping Charges

Ivory P

BREAKING NEWS: “Ivory P” Arrested On Pimping And Kidnapping Charges

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Ivory Charles Pantallion III, 33, of Beaumont and 24-year-old Jessica Lynne Morgan of Shelbyville, Tenn., were arrested on human trafficking and simple kidnapping charges, according to the Lake Charles police department.

Ivory P

Ivory P


ivorypbitchA television station in Beaumont reports that Pantallion is a rapper who performs as Ivory P, and is affiliated with Port Arthur’s UGK Records, which was founded by Pimp C in 2005. Ivory P is listed as a UGK Records artist on the label’s Facebook page.

According to the rapper’s own Ivory Pimping Facebook page, his favorite quote is “PIMPIN IS NOT A CONTACT SPORT, SO DON’T TOUCH ME !” The quote is attributed to Pimp C, who is known for his work alongside Houston rapper Bun B.

The Pimp Rapper even appeared in the Cross Country Pimping DVD that feature pimps, which was founded by Michael Maroy.

The arrests came after the mother of a 19-year-old woman from Huntsville, Ala., reported her daughter missing late last week. According to a news release from the Lake Charles police, the woman left Huntsville willingly, but when the trio arrived in Beaumont, things took a turn.

“Once they arrived in Beaumont, the victim’s phone was taken away and she was given a prepaid phone,” said Lake Charles deputy chief Mark Kraus in the news release. “The victim was shown her personal web page on an internet site advertising her as an escort and was told she would provide escort services for men. After one night in Beaumont, the victim and suspects traveled to Lake Charles. Once in (Lake Charles), the suspects established another personal web page advertising the victim as an escort in the Lake Charles area.”

“After fearing for her life, the victim contacted her mother and advised her of her location and movements in an attempt to obtain help in escaping from the suspects. Lake Charles officers worked with the parents and were able to locate the victim and safely secure her uninjured.”

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