DOCUMENTS: Your Pimp Informant “SNOOKY” Playing By Different Rules….He’s Not Alone!!

Derrick Avery aka Pimp Snooky

DOCUMENTS: Your Pimp Informant “SNOOKY” Playing By Different Rules….He’s Not Alone!!

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“Let me Pimp or let me die” those were the words of the famous Pimp Snooky which you can find on “Pimps up Hoes down” and a few other videos on Youtube. That was a great line and here is another case where these hustler say what they don’t mean so let me give you a little history about your famous Pimp hero “Snooky.”

Derrick Avery aka Pimp Snooky

On April 5th, 1997 Derrick Avery better known as “Pimp Snooky” was indicted in the Eastern District of Wisconsin and was subsequently arrested by Federal agents on (1) count of unlawful transport of a firearms. I don’t know what “Snooky” criminal record was in 1997, but a conviction of that kind for a person with a mediocre criminal history would have put them at a “Level 2″ based on sentencing guideline range should be 27-33 months. Now if you do the math that’s way under (3) years and with good game time “Snooky” would have done little over a year if that.

But Mr. “Let me Pimp or let me die” will do anytime he approached the FBI and offer to be an informant  a relationship which lasted up on till 2009 when he was arrested for pimping two minors in Vegas. Yes “Snooky” was a great informant he provided very useful information which is why the U.S. Attorney objected to have these documents unsealed and they have got good reasons. It’s no secret they maybe pending investigations and the release of over a decade of work and man hours put into by our famous pimp “Snooky” will not go to waste. Also you have to keep in mind this is information the Feds paid for so by right it’s there to do as they wish, so when “Snooky” came calling for the release of documents they said….”Negro Please” we paid you beat it “Mayneee.”

“Snooky” felt into his role as an informant hey it has to be the best job in the world….you get keep running the streets making tax free money, get to go to all the “Players Ball” and you get to do it all while calling yourself “Pimp” and the new found freedom feel as if he himself was a federal agent. He became to be bold with his action by crossing the  line by pimping minors and that the Feds will not turn a blind eye too. The facts remains how much the Feds knew and when “Snooky’s” handler knew because those documents are still sealed.

Folksalert would like to stress that we’re not singling out “Snooky” because he is not the only one who enjoy the benefits of the street life but when it came time for them to do the time for their crimes all the street rules was put to the side. But due to pending cases we opt to only speak about “Snooky” to show that their more fakes in the street life than you think and many of them are on your Facebook friends list.

Pimping Bitch!!

It seems many choose the street life over being a SQUARE working a 9 to 5 but always seems to want a SQUARE had out for help if it’s not with the Public Defender for a lawyer or some form of public assistants. A person who works a 9 to 5 pays taxes are entitle to those rights of public assistants. The common criminal in the street paying no taxes should not have the same rights, because hey most hustler do there very best to avoid being label a “SQUARE” but when there caught they sure are the first in line for a “SQUARE BAILOUT” now ask yourself…What kind of person would do such a thing?

I think as adult we make choice some not in our best interest but for the most part were aware of the path we choose in life, and if your not ready to deal with the choice you make in life maybe it’s best you take the safe path work a regular job and paying your taxes. Because the smoke and mirror of living it up in the street life has its risk.

So here is something you should think about (1) Stop listening to rap music about street life, (2) if you have no money to pay for your crime STOP now, and (3) if you get arrested in the street, don’t take a “PUBLIC BAILOUT” do your time because you did the crime.

Now how can you be made at the police? All the Feds did was their job and that was catching “Snooky” breaking the law in 1997 and rather “Snooky” do the job he signed up for which was be a criminal he approached the Feds and offer his service. Hey if you want to be a law enforcement officer here is the link for you to apply. But if you want to be in the streets there is NO APPLICATIONS to FILL-OUT just show up.



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  1. veteran pimp says:

    Here we go again another T.V. pimp goin to jail.This is another prime example of what exposing the game gets you.Maybe one day these so called pimps will understand that as I have said in the past the game is to be sold to hoes not told.Stay off T. V. gettin that 5 minutes of fame,stop following these busters thats on T.V. exposing the game cause we will see you going to jail.Stop exposing yourself by attending these so called player balls this shit played out in the sixties. As you can see the feds are attending all these events,AND THEY ARE TAKING NOTES so if you keep listening to the bullshit that these T.V. pimps are selling (BISHOP BUSTER AND HIS CREW) THEN WE WILL SEE YOU IN jail SOON .

  2. veteran pimp says:

    Hey KEKO I dont know why you sparing these buster ass niggas that be on T.V. with this pimpin.You need to put these niggas on blast,cause they have just about killed the game for real niggas. I go to your sight because you report whats happening good or bad so keep reporting everything cause thats what real is . these Niggas need to reap what they so!!!!Dont hide the shit I said about GOOD GAME cause he a buster thats giving young niggas the wrong perspective of what the game is thats why all these youngsters going to jail for 20 years for doing some thing that they have been taught to do all the wrong way. Its my job as a 30 year veteran to expose these busters and thats what im gonna continue to do until they and every young nigga thats trying to do this understand that the white folks only no what they let them no. STOP EXPOSING THE GAME HAVENT YALL GAVE THE FEDS ENOUGH AMMUNITION TO GO AT NIGGAS WITH!!!!!! KEKO YOU KEEP REPORTING AND IM GONNA KEEP COMMENTING AND EXPOSING THESE BUSTERS FUUUCK EM THATS WHAT THEY ASKED FOR AND THATS WHAT THEY GET!!!!!

    • Hey what up VP…Well to address a few things above (1) I not hiding anyone I have even address issues some has said about me. I release my own documents for the world to see am not hiding anything. But with the “Snooky” case I choose to only speak about him because I don’t want to speak about ongoing investigation now once the case hits the court well then I will be more than happy to address those issues. But i did say he was not the only one and that is all I can say about that.
      Last with respect to “Good Game” I personally didn’t hide your comment I don’t know if one the ADMINS to this site did. but I didn’t see any comments which you posted.

      Thx you for supporting Folksalert “Where news matter to those in the street”

      • veteran pimp says:

        aight keko and i appreciate that,thats why i go to your sight.This sight can be used as a tool to teach youngsters as well as hoes how this game really goes its up to them though to pay attention to whats really going on.Thats what im here for to tell the real just like you.Personally I dont see how all the youngsters in the game have embraced Busters like Bishop Magic Juan and his crew because in reality all they really did was expose the game to the authorities and fuck up a good thing that really get a nigga rich.I have pimped all over the country and to be real with you these niggas are all local jokers never really ventured to far from Chicago or Milwaukee except for showing their face at a major event and they were gone back to their backyard the next day.So dont believe the Hype real Veteran bonified money gettin PIMPS laugh at this crew cause we no that all they are are suckers that keep thier fronts up,but as you can see when the going gets tough all these niggas cant even afford a lawyer or bail to get out of jail.Let the young and up and coming Pimps no that this is not the way. They listen to these niggas because they the only ones that exposed anything, to bad it was all wrong!!!!And to yall young Hoes for Real It used to be a time when a hoe picked A nigga that they could take pride in saying i hoed up and gave that nigga everything he got cause that niggas a real Pimp. STOP picking these Niggas because they get 702 motoring to lease them a car and Then go sell some drugs to get some jewels then show up on the pimp seen and act and look like a PIMP .Real niggas like myself got everything we own from a hoes pussy!!!! Holla Back!!!!!

  3. Only P’s in the headlines are those who be Simpin, thinking they pimpin with the minor chick !!! Time to reinvent yo game if you out there rockin ya rocking chair on the edge of the empire state building P… That’s a hard fall, and it’s putting everybody in danger who on the ground !!!!

    Champ A.K.A Choice G

  4. It was known by some that Snooky was snitching in Vegas in about 2004-5. And to keen eye it was clear that he was under investigation. I remember me and playa partner of mine were eating when Snooky’s bitch ‘Meeka’ walked in the restaurant with a small toddler sized boy. Maybe ten paces behind her was ‘tryin to be undercover but lookin like undercover’ and I remember askin’ my partner, “does she know he’s on her ass like that?” It wasn’t really clear to us if she knew or not, but in any case only pure ‘square’ to the streets would accept those terms. If you’re goin’ hard in the paint everyday all day, then how could you possibly get down with the FEDS up your ass like that. A veteran would confront their ass with a high powered lawyer that would tell them to make their case or back the fuck off!!! It’s easy to assume that if your being followed to lunch with your kid (or someone’s kid) that they know all of your moves; when you work; what casinos you like; who your wive-in-laws are; when you go out and come back in. One could even assume that in a 7 day period that at least one of Snooky’s bitches was dating a Federal Agent posing as a trick considering how they were being hound-dogged. The craziest part of it all was when we finished eating we noticed in the parking lot about at least 3 undercover just chillin in their cars. I remember thinking at the time that that niggas was in some deep shit.

    Now on Snooky

    I don’t know him but I have met and my impression was that he was definitely what veterans from my town call “game struck”. Snooky couldn’t knock any high quality bitch and that’s why you never seen him with any high caliber bitch. When I say a high caliber bitch I mean a bitch that first and foremost knows what kind of town Vegas is in the first place. A bitch that can hold a conversation with a multimillion dollar trick then he becomes her ‘regular’. Everybody knew that Snooky was nothing more than Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Not to mention, he was weak to a piece of pussy as well and overly jealous of his bitches. That’s why he used all of those Gorilla tactics (no pun intended towards Keko)…in reality he didn’t have game enough to keep a bitch…those bitches were scared to leave. Now the million dollar question is will Meeka testified against Snooky?

    Snooky like Good game and Charm (don’t let me get started on Charm) had no clean money no investments and obviously no real savings. So these niggas were just acting like pimps and really fuckin the game.

  5. I remember this nigga was a bum before going to the pen back in the 1990s and came out talking pimp shit this nigga is a another lame ass child molester that needs to commit self strangulation! Lame Ass Bum!!!

  6. Factzofthamattaz says:

    Man I take issue with a few aspects of the game although I know it will never change. Maybe you brothers can enlighten as to what your ideal of solid g code protocol versus being the white man’s bitch. First of all this man got teenage and little kids out here in the public school system. Is it part of the game if somebody kidnap or kill them based on the info exposed here? Is that g code protocol really? Speaking of g code even square ass niggas know the feds and central intel at the top of the food chain that mean information and major illegal traffic controlled by him. Who you niggas think these illicit trade networks ran by that’s why over half of these niggas roll over when they caught. You a damn fool if you think you not being monitored if you in the majors of anything like dope or prostitution. The F.B.I on record feed the local lodges and if you a real g you know they play a major part in king making in these streets. Niggas not gone call these organized government groups out though right? See to me you niggas and this street shit worse than false religion. Constantly acting like historically illicit traffic information aint in unison

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