Jermaine Lashawn Brown aka Full Pocket The “Register Sex Offender” Pimp Playing By New Rules

Jermaine Lashawn Brown aka Full Pocket The “Register Sex Offender” Pimp Playing By New Rules

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By; Keko

In life there are few things a man can run from and one of those is his past. The same could be said about Full Pocket the Pimp but before he was a super Pimp, he had a past which should concern everyone especially those with kids.

Full Pocket real name is Jermaine Lashawn  Brown, 40, who has worked hard at hiding his past but like everything in life what’s in the dark will come to light.

Jermaine Brown

In the early 90’s Jermaine graduated from high school and like most young men trying to make their mark in this world so he joined the Army but that didn’t last long he was dishonorably discharged shortly thereafter.  After there being kicked out in the Army he took on the name “Black Gotti Tha Don” at where he pursued a career as a rapper.

In 1999 Jermaine was arrested in Las Vegas at the Budget Inn and charged with two counts of sexual charges (1) SEXUAL ASSUALT and (2) STATUTORY SEXUAL SEDUCTION, which stems from having sex with a minor. He later was found guilty and was ordered by the register as sex offender, after he completed his sentence which he has failed to do.

In 2007 Jermaine had another running with Las Vegas PD, at where he was arrested for selling cocaine to the strippers at the local club. He was later convicted and sentence adjudicated guilty and sentence to prison. After doing his short prison sentence Jermaine was back to rapping and pimping part this was capture from a video he uploaded to Youtube at where he brandish a firearm into the camera.

Now Jermaine aka “Black Gotti Tha Don” aka “Full Pocket the Pimp” was order (1) to register as a sex offender, and (2) was adjudicated as a felon. But yet one has to ask why is he in passion of a firearm on Youtube, and why hasn’t follow the instruction of the court and register as a “Sex Offender” which is required by law?

With all of the express Jermaine was still able to make a name for himself in the “Pimp World” attracting a number of beautiful young ladies based on his Facebook page and a few which were posted on Unknown to many of his pimp partners Jermaine was a register sex offender, but the shock was when a source contacted Folkslert and produce a number of emails where he was booking appoints with females who work as escorts.

The emails in question which you can see herein is a known escort in the New York area, and even one of his prostitutes “Brooke” has admitted that is how they started their relationship. Jermaine who prefer to be called “Full Pocket the Pimp” called up Folksalert today and express that he has been PIMPING for 15 years, but if that is in fact true? The time spent in jail, prison, and the time between rapping does not add up.


Summer: 917-679-6446,

Anya: 646-420-8764,

Brooke: 917-756-2581










Last the most important part about the Jermain L. Brown story is the fact how anyone fit into the Pimp under world under the radar, while all along he is dangerous to the public and is a rick to young girls. But welcome to the Pimp life females will pay anyone and Pimps will accept them with open hands.


Booking A Date

Booking A Date 













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