Man Hires Prostitute, Invites Pimps for Shrimp….It Didn’t End Well

Man Hires Prostitute, Invites Pimps for Shrimp….It Didn’t End Well

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Man Hires Prostitute, Invites Pimps for Shrimp, Is Beaten and Robbed By Dinner Guests

Officers responded to some apartments on Cherry Street around 10:20 p.m. Friday to a report of a robbery and quickly learned the victim had hired a prostitute who later came back with her two pimps, police said. Authorities said the victim invited the trio in, they all ate shrimp, then the two pimps began beating the victim and demanding money. No arrests were made yet…

Man thinks prostitute may have set him up

A North man told deputies he took $2,300 with him when he visited a $75 prostitute, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report.

It didn’t end well.

A Darby Street woman discovered the man in her driveway just after midnight Monday. He asked her to call police.

The man told deputies he went to a Norway Road location where two men he did not know forced him to the ground, fired two shots into the air and told him to “give it up.” He said they went through his vehicle, taking away $2,300 located under a tray in the console and $900 in jewelry.

“The victim stated he normally does not carry $2,300 or a similar amount, but could not state why he had it,” the report said. “The victim started assuring me that this incident was not a ‘drug deal gone bad.’”

The man later said he is into illegal street racing and had made arrangements to meet with a girl and pay $75 for sex, the report said. “Victim stated he believes the girl set him up.”

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